A film keeping track of a health prevention project, developed by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and targeted at populations in situation of precarity.
Porto Alegre, 2019. 15 min.

Films made in Rio de Janeiro, along with the Agência de Notícias das Favelas (ANF), the first favelas’ information media, and with the non-profit organization JPA Eu Te Amo which produces sustainable and autonomous cultural events in the western suburb.

ANF 18 anos
Film retraçant l’histoire de la 1ere agence de presse des favélas.

Reportage sur le premier festival de musique indépendante réalisé à Jacarepaguá.


It would be almost impossible, in Brazil, not to be sensible of the partiality of the media and invisibility of critical movements against the establishment. I moved to Porto Alegre at the very moment when the country was entering phase of profound political instability, and became associated to the Coletivo Catarse, an independent production and journalism cooperative, ofering coverage of social and cultural manifestations, especially raising against the world cup organization. A few years later, in Rio de Janeiro, I joined the l’Agência de Notícias das Favelas. to do the same kind of job.

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