[Brazilian portuguese]
Collection of chronicles relating scenes of every day life in Rio de Janeiro, in the context of Marielle Franco’s murder, President Lula’s imprisonment and Jair Bolsonaro’s election.

Edition: Libretos (Porto Alegre). 2020.

ISBN : 978-6-586-26418-0 • aug 2020 • 124 pages


[Brazilian portuguese]
Single chronicle published in the collection
Beleza e simplicidade, after getting a honorable mention in the homonymous short story contest.

Edition Jogo de Palavras
Free pdf [portuguese] in this link.

ISBN : 978-6-580-09732-7 • agosto 2019 • 66 pages


Blog posts about the institutional coup that occurred in Brazil in 2016.

Éclaircissement sur un coup d’état
Porto Alegre, 21 mars 2016.

Le vote des députés brésiliens
Porto Alegre, 17 avril 2016.

Bonjour Brésil
Porto Alegre, 12 mai 2016.

Point of view upon political affairs of Brazil (2017-2019).

De Marielle à Bolsonaro
Rio de Janeiro, 26 mars 2019.

Une énigme électorale
Rio de Janeiro, 12 octobre 2018.

Le bilan qui s’annonce
Rio de Janeiro, 17 jan 2018.

Censure etc.
Rio de Janeiro, 28 octobre 2017.


A seven months trip in South America, in 2013, gave birth to a 10 chapters diary. Shared by e-mail all along the adventure, it is now available for online reading and download in this link.


Pietro Germi et la comédie à l’italienne: cinéma, satire et société

[French] Biografy and historical analysis of the films of Italian director Pietro Germi. The book is the result of an academic research on the social impact of Italian cinema in the 1960s.

With Divorzio all’italiana, Sedotta e abandonata and Signore e signori, three satirical comedies attacking the most achaic laws of the country, Pietro Germi becomes one of the great masters of the genre and reaches a notoriety which raises questions about his real influence in the society, about his own intentions and about the means he had at his disposal to acheive his goals.
Above and beyond the case of Pietro Germi, the book is a study of the social impact of the
commedia all’italiana in the early 1960s.

ISBN : 978-2-296-97015-1 • mai 2012 • 274 pages

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